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May 2019 Archives

Pedestrian accident may have been intentional crime

Connecticut drivers know to use extra caution when driving in places where there is the likelihood of pedestrian traffic, such as a parking lot. Most drivers can probably recall a trip to a grocery store or gas station where a person on foot seemed to appear out of nowhere. In the event of a pedestrian accident, a driver and any witnesses should remain on the scene and attempt to render aid to a victim until help arrives. 

Drunk driver causes motorcycle accident

Summer is coming, and motorcycle drivers are back on the roads. Connecticut motorists must take extra care to watch for persons on foot, motorcycles, bicycles and smaller vehicles. Everyone knows it is against the law to drink and drive, but some motorists choose to disregard this important law and take lives into their own hands. Recently, a woman under the influence of alcohol caused a serious motorcycle accident. 

State raises awareness about pedestrian accident potential

The weather is beautiful and summer is just around the corner. Many Connecticut families are on the hunt for some free fun and a day spent together. A new initiative provides exactly that, along with some helpful public safety information regarding the risk of a pedestrian accident