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January 2019 Archives

Fatal accident shows how dangerous intersections can be

Most licensed drivers in Connecticut understand that certain types of road layouts are more dangerous than others. Driving on a quiet, country lane may not pose as high of a risk for injury as navigating a busy intersection in a metropolitan region. In fact, intersections are often the scenes of serious collisions. A fatal accident that occurred on a recent Saturday night involved two vehicles.

Teen driver causes fatal motorcycle accident

When a Connecticut teen is preparing to obtain his or her driver's license, there is a lot to learn. Though practice and a good education program can prepare a teen driver to pass the road test, statistics show that newly-licensed drivers are at higher risk to be involved in a crash. Even seasoned drivers must use extra caution when traveling alongside a motorcycle on the road, and recently a teen driver was charged with regard to a fatal motorcycle accident

Pedestrian accident kills local mother, distracted driving blamed

Connecticut drivers have been warned about the dangers of distracted driving. One might think that the people responsible for enforcing laws regarding unsafe driving may be more vigilant behind the wheel themselves, but this may not always be the case. In a recent tragedy, a local police officer was not paying attention on the road, resulting in a fatal pedestrian accident

Pedestrian accident injuries can be avoided

Pedestrians in Connecticut and other states will always be vulnerable because they have no protection against the impact of vehicles. Advanced technology adds additional safety measures to each new model that comes onto the market, and while drivers are now safer inside their cars than ever before, pedestrian accident injuries remain a significant concern. Vehicle operators can take a few simple steps to prevent pedestrian accidents.

Pedestrian accident victim loses life, investigation ongoing

Winter has arrived in Connecticut, but drivers should be aware that many people are still out and about, walking close to roadways. Though certainly, most drivers would say that they do their best to be safe behind the wheel, an accident can happen in an instant. When a crash involves a person on foot, the result can be devastating for a pedestrian accident victim