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December 2018 Archives

Train accident statistics spark new regulations

During the winter months especially, Connecticut rail lines turn the countryside into a picturesque scene that resembles a vintage greeting card. With three operating passenger lines, a train chugging past a snowy hillside, or through a small town may look like a nostalgic nod to an era long past, but many residents still rely on trains for transportation. Modern passenger trains are a highly efficient way to travel, and with the cost of owning a personal vehicle continuing to rise, trains are making a comeback. Unfortunately, there is still a risk of a rider being involved in a train accident

Fatal auto accident results in fire

All a Connecticut resident need do is turn on the television and watch a few shows and commercials to see scenes of friends and family traveling here and there to celebrate the holiday season with loved ones. While certainly, these heart-warming scenes are meant to encourage togetherness and excitement, they fail to represent the reality. A fatal auto accident can claim innocent lives, and families are left to pick up the pieces. 

Teen seriously injured in pedestrian accident

As Connecticut parents are certainly aware, a teen getting his or her driver's license is both an exciting and a frightening milestone. As teens set out on their own, parents can only hope that they can recall all they have learned to stay safe behind the wheel, and will not be tempted to break the law or show off for friends. Statistically, teen drivers are a high-risk category, and even when teens do their best to drive safely, the risk of a crash or pedestrian accident is ever-present. 

Driver caused horrific motorcycle crash

Motorcycle enthusiasts often band together for a ride, sometimes to raise awareness for a certain cause and sometimes just for fun. Connecticut drivers may have seen such an event in their travels. Drivers in larger vehicles should always exercise extra caution when traveling near smaller vehicles like motorcycles because, in the event of a motorcycle crash, its operator may be largely unprotected, and can suffer serious injury or death if stricken by a larger car or truck.