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October 2018 Archives

Motorcycle crash injures police officer

Though many Connecticut residents may consider riding a motorcycle to be a recreational activity, for some, driving a motorcycle is all in a day's work. Some police officers suit up each day to patrol the community on a motorcycle. Motorcycles are fuel efficient and allow officers to maneuver in traffic easier than they could in a larger cruiser. Though equipped with proper safety gear, and trained to drive defensively, these officers remain at risk for injury during a motorcycle crash. 

Person of interest interviewed in Connecticut pedestrian accident

Most drivers in Connecticut have likely made a mistake while driving. While mistakes are typically relatively innocuous, in some cases they can have fatal consequences. Following such an incident, drivers are required to remain at the scene. However, police in Connecticut are investigating a recent hit-and-run pedestrian accident.

Fatal auto accident severely injures police officer

Most Connecticut drivers do their best to drive safely, obey the laws and avoid a crash. A fatal auto accident is often the result of driver error or some other form of negligence. The surviving families of deceased victims have legal recourse available in many of these situations. A recent accident that took the life of a woman from Hamden, though it appears she was the culpable party.

Hit-and-run pedestrian accident in local parking lot

Connecticut residents know that extra caution must be used in places where foot traffic is heavy. Busy parking lots often have stop signs, low speed limits and crossing zones as a way to keep shoppers safe as they walk through. Sometimes, accidents happen, but whether the driver or a pedestrian is at fault, all involved are required to remain on the scene until help arrives. A recent hit-and-run pedestrian accident left a mother and young child shaken.