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May 2018 Archives

Pedestrian accident claims a life

It would likely be difficult to find a Connecticut resident who has never ended up, at one point or another, walking along a road at night. Sometimes, it is more convenient to travel on foot to a destination; on other occasions, an issue with a vehicle results in a person having to walk to reach safety. Whatever the reason, when walkers meet the road, there is an increased risk for a pedestrian accident

Pedestrian accident victim loses battle for survival.

As summer approaches, many Connecticut residents find themselves truly excited to escape the confines of their homes, having been cooped up for what seemed like a winter that would never end. As the weather continues to improve, being outdoors becomes a sort of reward for folks who were beginning to wonder if the skies would ever clear. From fishing, to gardening, to simply taking a walk, plans to venture out mean increased foot traffic for local towns.  One downside to throngs of people being out-and-about is the increased risk of becoming a pedestrian accident victim.

Weekend motorcycle accident leaves man dead

Connecticut residents may find themselves among the thousands of Americans who enjoy driving motorcycles, both as an efficient method of transportation and an enjoyable pastime. While certainly, most motorcyclists will say that nothing can match the thrill of a beautiful day on the open road, they also know that there is always the risk of a serious motorcycle crash. While obeying speed limits and other traffic laws, proper safety courses and wearing a helmet can go a long way to prevent tragedy, the potential for motorcycle accident injury remains a major concern. 

Charges follow after fatal accident in racing challenge

Many people like fast cars. There are movies, NASCAR races and car shows to feed the need for speed in individuals. However, speeding on the roadway not only could lead to a fine but could also lead to a fatal accident. Tragically, three people in Connecticut lost their lives last year in an accident blamed on speeding.

Man dies attempting to help woman in pedestrian accident

Weather can play a major factor in the cause of an accident. It is imperative for Connecticut drivers to be aware of their surroundings in a bad storm. Depending on the severity of a storm, drivers will need to consider driving at a slower speed or pulling off the road until it is safer to proceed. However, as some take the risk of continuing to maneuver through a treacherous storm on a roadway, it raises the risk of a potential pedestrian accident.