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March 2018 Archives

Elderly woman dies in pedestrian accident

Shopping centers tend to have heavy foot traffic and motor traffic. It is imperative to drive through a parking lot of a busy shopping center slowly and with awareness to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, sometimes the combination of pedestrians and motor vehicles can lead to serious injury or death. Recently, a Connecticut woman lost her life in a pedestrian accident shortly after exiting a marketplace.

Man dies in pedestrian accident

Accidents caused by distracted driving is a common occurrence. A driver's attention can easily be diverted with texting, making phone calls, eating on the go or breaking up a sibling fight in the back seat. Unfortunately, serious injury or death can occur when there is a deviation from the task of driving. Recently, a Connecticut man was charged with taking a life of another in a pedestrian accident due to being distracted while driving.

Father of 2 dies in motorcycle accident

Many find riding a motorcycle not only enjoyable but also beneficial: easy parking, open air, good gas mileage, etc. However, the benefits do not come without risks. Even with a helmet, driving a motorcycle leaves little protection of the body. In addition, the drivers of other motor vehicles may fail to see the smaller road vehicle, sometimes resulting in a motorcycle accident. It is important for those living in Connecticut to be aware of motorcycles riding nearby to avoid serious injury or death.

Connecticut man dies in pedestrian accident

Drivers and pedestrians must be more aware during evening hours as a driver's visibility can be hindered by the darkness of the night. The lack of visibility raises the threat of accidents in high traffic areas in Connecticut between motor vehicles and those on foot. Unfortunately, Bridgeport recently suffered a loss of a widely known citizen in a tragic pedestrian accident shortly after night fell.