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August 2017 Archives

Negligent truck driver causes rollover in Connecticut

Police were seeking a truck driver after a hit and run incident that damaged a utility pole and caused a vehicle rollover. The incident in Connecticut resulted in a search for the driver of the truck. The negligent truck driver was later found by police and charged for the alleged crimes. 

Police officer injured in Connecticut motorcycle accident

A two-vehicle collision sent two individuals to the hospital on Sunday, Aug. 13. A Connecticut state trooper riding a motorcycle crashed into a car being driven by an elderly man. The motorcycle accident has left two individuals recovering from injuries suffered during the early morning event. 

2 Connecticut men killed in fatal accident

Lives can change in an instant when tragedy strikes on the road. Two families are likely mourning today due to the aftermath of an unfortunate head-on collision. Two men, both drivers of their vehicles, were killed and others injured in the fatal accident in a Connecticut town. A recent news story gives more detail about the sad event. 

Man severely injured in Connecticut motorcycle crash

An early morning crash has led to serious injuries for one man. The Connecticut man was riding his motorcycle when it crashed into the back of an SUV. A recent news story gives more details about the tragic motorcycle crash and the status of the motorcycle rider.