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Pedestrian accident severely injures 2 in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2017 | Firm News, pedestrian accidents

Irresponsible behavior by some potentially leads to grave consequences for others, especially on the roads. Taking a stolen car for a joyride seems like harmless fun, but it can go horribly wrong and leave many people devastated. A recent news story gives the details of a pedestrian accident that severely injured two people in Connecticut. At least one person will be feeling the consequences from somebody else’s actions for a lifetime.

It was reported that six teenagers in a stolen SUV crashed into two people waiting at a bus stop at the intersection of two streets. The two victims were a man and a woman. The woman was dragged by the car, causing her to lose both of her legs. The status of the man was not reported.

The teenagers fled the scene and have not yet been apprehended. Authorities have not released the identities of the teenagers or the victims in this case. Neighbors witnessed the accident and were able to offer details to the police. Seeing such a tragedy happen to neighbors will likely also leave a lasting effect on any witnesses.

Sadly, the woman will feel the loss of her legs for a lifetime. The other injured pedestrian is likely suffering as well. These people are entitled to justice and retribution for their injuries and pain and suffering. In Connecticut, victims of a pedestrian accident have the right to contact a lawyer for their help in filing a personal injury lawsuit and to hold the responsible parties accountable. In cases involving stolen cars, an attorney can also help injured victims investigate their own motor vehicle and/or homeowner’s insurance policies for uninsured coverage riders.

Source: WTNH Connecticut News, “2 pedestrians severely injured after being hit by a stolen vehicle in Hartford”, Cailyn Blonstein and Jacquie Slater, July 18, 2017


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