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May 2013 Archives

Medical malpractice may follow physician's criminal conviction

Millions of Americans, no doubt including many Connecticut residents, were likely shocked to learn of the gruesome details recently revealed in trial regarding an abortion doctor accused of terminating almost full term babies outside of the womb. Jurors convicted the doctor this week of killing three babies born alive during a criminal trial.

Connecticut car accident sends five to the hospital

Unfortunately, as Connecticut residents know all too well, tragedy can strike at any moment. While on the road, it is imperative all drivers pay close attention to the road ahead of them, but yet there are thousands of distractions in front of any given driver at any point in time. In a society with increasingly mobile technology, smart phones, dashboard computers and tablets mean more convenience in obtaining information and entertainment at any given point in time.

Jury awards $15.7 million to Connecticut car accident victims

As Connecticut residents are well aware, tragedy can strike at any moment. One negligent or distracted driver can sadly take the lives of one or even many. This may be what occurred on a sad day in New London in 2007, when a car accident on Interstate 95 in East Lyme killed three people. Five years later a jury deliberated on the facts of the civil suit and awarded $15.7 million to the family members.