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February 2013 Archives

Tragic Milford accident takes 1 life, injures at least 2 others

In these wintry months, auto accidents seem to amass in Connecticut. As previous posts have mentioned, the state has made a serious effort to incorporate laws which protect pedestrians from negligent or distracted drivers. However, there is only so much a government entity can do to prevent tragic car accidents like the one that occurred in Milford.

Bus accident takes another life

Much too often recently residents of Connecticut have had to read about tragic bus accidents. The state of Connecticut alone experienced a number of bus collisions in 2012. As many Connecticut residents are aware, another tragic bus accident occurred very recently. Unfortunately another individual has just died as a result of the crash.

Tainted steroid injections result in medical malpractice claim

Many Connecticut residents are aware of the tragic fungal meningitis outbreak that occurred recently. The potentially fatal steroid injections which caused this tragedy allegedly originated at New England Compounding Center and then traveled to various medical facilities throughout the United States.