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New Haven Attorneys For Environmental Litigation

Our lawyers have handled many types of environmental litigation: prosecution and defense of claims for violation of environmental law; actions to obtain redress with respect to grievances arising out of environmental harm to real property; and actions to assert the interests of concerned citizens with respect to development or conservation of environmentally sensitive parcels of land. We have represented parties in cases presenting a wide variety of environmental and land use issues, as well as in defense of prosecutions for criminal violation of the environmental laws. Our office has handled environmental matters presenting the following fact patterns:

  • Representation of property owners in ground and water pollution claims caused by the activities of their tenants or predecessors in title
  • Representation of property owners in prosecution of actions for damages arising out of ground and water pollution on adjoining or nearby properties
  • Representation of land owners in claims for damages caused by external obsolescence or stigma resulting from environmental violations or adverse conditions on nearby properties
  • Defense of persons and corporations alleged to have contributed to pollution and therefore are potentially responsible parties in environmental cleanup efforts under CERCLA
  • Defense of persons and corporations charged with environmental crimes arising out of violation of the asbestos disposal and hazardous waste (RCRA) laws, and other substantive environmental statutes
  • Defense of persons alleged to have committed recordkeeping or false statement offenses in connection with environmental reporting laws
  • Representation of persons and organizations seeking to preserve undeveloped or environmentally sensitive property from the adverse effects of real estate development
  • Representation of persons seeking to recover or allocate the cost of environmental cleanup or compliance work