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Truck Accidents Archives

Trailer truck accident shuts down I-95 for over an hour

A serious accident required the services of multiple first responder departments in the early morning hours of a recent Tuesday. The crash involved three commercial trucks, as well as six additional vehicles. As with so many trailer truck accident sites, the area was shut down while emergency teams worked to assess and assist at the Connecticut scene. At least two people were injured in the incident, which remains under investigation.

Connecticut rest stop trailer truck accident kills 1 driver

A fatal accident has claimed the life of a young man, and has raised a number of questions about liability. The Connecticut incident involved a personal vehicle and a commercial truck, but the trailer truck accident occurred while the truck was parked, not in motion. That leaves a gray area in terms of which party was responsible for the crash. In the meantime, the family of the young man who was killed in the accident are going through the beginning stages of a tragic loss.

Connecticut car accidents: 1 killed, 1 injured in crash

A collision between a motorcycle and a car in Connecticut killed one person and left another individual with serious injuries. Police are still in the process of investigating this incident. Sadly, car accidents like this do tend to have such tragic outcomes as motorcycle riders lack the same protections offered by traditional automobiles.

Victims of negligent truck drivers can seek compensation

Truck accidents, like all auto accidents, happen for a number of reasons. Brakes can fail, drivers may be overly tired or cargo may not be properly secured -- among various other causes. In any of these and other situations, negligence on part of the truck driver or his or her employer may be to blame. In Connecticut, victims of negligent truck drivers may be able to seek compensation for any resulting damages.

Spinal cord injuries common following truck accidents

When accidents involving commercial semi trucks occur, whether in Connecticut or elsewhere, the outcomes for victims generally involve fatalities or serious injuries. These vehicles are big and heavy, so it is understandable that the damage they cause is usually severe. For those who do survive, spinal cord injuries are often seen. The affects of such injuries can certainly be, and often are, life-altering.

Illegal turns made by negligent truck drivers can lead to crashes

Semi drivers can be seen making questionable turns on Connecticut roads just about every day. While it is understandable that these trucks can be difficult to maneuver, truck drivers are expected to following certain turning rules that have been established to help prevent accidents from occurring. Unfortunately, collisions do happen due to illegal turns being made by negligent truck drivers.

Injuries reported in Connecticut truck accident

An accident on I-91 in Connecticut on Feb. 8, involving a semi-truck and a minibus, resulted in an unknown number of people requiring medical care. The truck accident is believed to have been caused due to the truck driver driving too fast for road conditions. He has been cited for the incident.

Traumatic brain injuries common after trucking accidents

Trucking accidents have altered the lives of numerous Connecticut residents over the years. Many of these accidents result in fatality. For those who do survive, the physical damages they tend to suffer are often disabling. While there are a number of injuries that individuals may experience following these types of accidents, traumatic brain injuries are some of the most common.