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Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

Fatal accident in Connecticut takes man's life

It can be so hard to prevent accidents while driving, and attentive driving is an important safety precaution on our roadways. The consequences for auto accidents can be permanent and fatal. That is why there are laws and protocols in place to protect people on the roads. A recent news story tells the sad tale of a fatal accident in Connecticut that injured one person and took the life of another man. 

Wife of ESPN sportscaster killed in fatal auto accident

Chris Berman has had a long and successful career as a sportscaster with ESPN, starting with the network in 1979. He and his family received some tragic news recently, after his wife of 33 years, Kathy Berman, was killed in a fatal auto accident in Connecticut. Another driver involved in the crash also lost his life. The accident remains under investigation, as both families prepare to lay their loved ones to rest.

Proposed law could impact wrongful death lawsuits

Most Connecticut residents understand that if a loved one is killed as the result of the negligence of another, there is a right to legal recourse for those left behind. However, the process of constructing a wrongful death legal case is a complicated matter, and there are many different variables at play. These cases rely heavily on the outcome of police investigations into fatal accidents. The evidence gathered during those investigations can be used as a base for a civil lawsuit.

Fatal accident results in recent criminal charges

When a family is faced with a sudden and tragic loss at the hands of a careless driver, the wait for justice can seem indefinite. Investigating these types of cases can take many months, and families are often left feeling hopeless as they wait for a legal resolution to the matter. An example is found in a Connecticut case in which a fatal accident took the life of a Norwich man, with criminal charges finally being issued against the driver.

Fatal accident was the result of wrong way highway driving

Few things are more frightening to Connecticut drivers than encountering a wrong-way driver on a dark stretch of road. That was the exact scenario that one driver faced on a recent night close to New Haven. The result was a fatal accident that claimed the lives of both drivers. The story serves as a warning to all drivers of the increased hazards that come with driving in the early morning hours.

Drugs possibly contributed to fatal accident in Connecticut

Police in Connecticut are in the process of investigating a fatal two-vehicle accident that occurred in Waterbury. According to reports, the driver believed responsible for the crash was found to have drugs on his person. It is still unknown if the drugs contributed to this fatal accident, as toxicology reports are still pending.

Fatal accident in Connecticut claims 1 life

A young man in Connecticut lost his life after his vehicle was struck by another car. The fatal accident is said to have occurred on April 18 in Bridgeport. The driver believed to be responsible for this incident is being investigated by local authorities.