Police Misconduct

When You're Betrayed By The Badge

Police officers are supposed to maintain social order. But they're not above the law. In fact, in the course of doing their job, police officers sometimes break the law by becoming violent themselves, or engaging in another form of misconduct. They're not allowed to get away with it by hiding behind an official badge.

Police Misconduct May Have Roots In Another Criminal Charge

Often, police misconduct cases arise in conjunction with other criminal charges. For example, someone could be arrested in a domestic violence situation, or during another violent act. If a police officer uses excessive force when intervening to quell the original violence, this could constitute police misconduct. Our firm, Jacobs & Dow, LLC, is prepared to represent clients who are dealing with both a criminal charge and a potential police misconduct case. To protect your civil rights and speak with a lawyer who doesn't shy away from police misconduct cases, call our New Haven, Connecticut, office at 203-772-3100, or send us an email to brief us on your situation.

Trust The Connecticut Firm With Experience And Perspective

At Jacobs & Dow, LLC, we handle more than 200 criminal cases a year. With more than 60 years of experience representing clients in Connecticut, we see lots of these types of cases, where police misconduct crops up from another criminal charge. Police aren't always justified in using violence or inappropriate restraint measures during an arrest. We know when police behavior crosses the line, and we don't stand for it. Police misconduct can cause serious injury and even death, and it behooves no one to look the other way. These days, incidents of police violence are often caught on video with a bystander's phone. If we can locate such footage, it can provide convincing evidence to bolster a case.

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