New Haven Attorneys For Insurance Coverage Disputes

Our lawyers have represented persons and organizations involved in disputes with their insurers. These cases normally involve claims by the insurance company that particular losses are not covered under the policy language, or claims by the insured or a third party that multiple coverages or multiple levels of coverage should be available. This work has involved automobile policies, particularly uninsured and underinsured motorist policies; comprehensive general liability policies; fire insurance; property and casualty insurance; and professional liability policies. In addition, the firm has handled claims for failure to pay benefits under life insurance policies and under disability insurance policies including so-called "own occupation disability insurance" marketed to professionals and highly compensated individuals. We have also handled disputes arising under real estate title insurance policies. We also routinely negotiate and resolve or litigate disputes under medical insurance and health insurance coverage, typically as part of our personal injury practice. Although we rarely defend insureds on cases assigned to us by insurance companies, we have represented insureds at their request pursuant to professional liability policies which permit them to select counsel, and we have represented insurance companies and insurance brokers, in inter-company disputes.